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The Morton and Jane Blaustein Foundation makes grants in the United States and abroad. Support is provided in the program areas of educational opportunity, health, and human rights and social justice. Please refer to each program for specific geographic focus.

Educational Opportunity  

The goal of this program is to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, particularly through quality teaching and advancing summer learning. Preference is given to initiatives in Baltimore and New York City.

Recent grantees include:

The Urban Teacher Center, a new teacher residency program in Baltimore and Washington, DC, aims to prepare highly effective teachers who significantly accelerate student achievement in the nation’s highest-need schools. UTC recruits outstanding candidates, equips them with strong training and mentoring, and links certification to their students’ performance outcomes.

The Donors’ Education Collaborative is a pooled fund of 13 local and national organizations committed to equity, opportunity and excellence for all students – most especially those who face the greatest challenges to success. Members believe that effective school reform of New York City public schools must be grounded in research and created and sustained in partnership with informed and engaged teachers, parents, students and members of the community.

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The goal of this program is to improve health care quality and health outcomes, especially for underserved populations. The Foundation’s main emphasis is on strengthening primary care. Preference is given to programs in Baltimore and New York City that promote prevention and wellness, and those that are particularly responsive to the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families.

The Foundation seeks to promote:

  • Effective and expanded use of nurse practitioners
  • Integration of primary and mental health care
  • Links between primary care and public health
  • Advocacy that advances primary care, public health and/or mental health

Recent grantees include:

The Health Care for the Homeless Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic in Baltimore is led by pediatric nurse practitioners and a social worker. The clinic provides primary care and case management for entire families, with children as the entry point, and also connects children and their parents with behavioral health care, addictions treatment, benefits enrollment, and housing assistance programs. The Clinic’s integrated service delivery is an example of a best practice in patient-centered care and now serves as a model for the entire agency to transform into a “Patient Centered Medical Home”.

Partnering with the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, funding was provided for two-year nursing scholarships for Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) candidates. Based on research at the Institute of Medicine doubling the number of nurses with doctoral degrees is necessary to keep pace with health care expansion. Less than one percent of the nation's nurses currently hold this degree - the Jonas Center aims to provide scholarships, which are matched by schools, in all 50 states, as a way to build capacity for quality health care delivery.

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Human Rights and Social Justice 
The goal of this program is to advance fundamental human rights through programs that work to ensure equal access and advance freedoms both in the United States and abroad.

Areas of interest include:

  • Projects that use legal strategies to ensure equal justice and fair treatment of American citizens and immigrants, refugees and asylym seekers in the United States
  • Projects that respond to urgent humanitarian and/or human rights crises created by natural disasters, civil strife, or war
  • Social justice initiatives particularly around impoverished women, children and vulnerable youth.

Recent grantees include:

Maryland Disability Law Center, working in close contact with the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore City, provides legal advocacy to court-involved youth with educational and/or mental disabilities. MDLC’s representation allows a bridge away from the juvenile justice system into appropriate community-based settings, giving youth an opportunity to succeed.

The Immigration Representation Project, established by the Fund for New Citizens at the New York Community Trust, is a model collaboration among legal agencies in New York City that represents indigent immigrants and asylum seekers facing deportation.

The Tahirih Justice Center, with offices in Baltimore and Washington, DC, works to protect immigrant women and girls seeking justice in the United States from gender-based violence. Utilizing in-house attorneys and leveraging pro bono law firms, Tahirih provides holistic direct legal services as well as national public policy advocacy.

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Jeanne P. Blaustein: President
Betsy F. Ringel: Executive Director
Tanya C. Herbick: Senior Program Officer
Michael J. Arnst: Program Associate


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